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Cisco Threaded Case Study - Acacia
9. WAN Requirements


1. General Requirements | 2. LAN User Requirements | 3. Site LAN Wiring Plan and Physical topology | 4. Acacia Basic Floor Plan Broken Down | 5. IP addressing Scheme and addressing method | 6. Equipment Implemented and price and quantity table | 7. IGRP, ACL and IPX implementation | 8. LAN Pros And Cons | 9. WAN Requirements | 10. Physical Topology | 11. WAN IP Addressing | 12. PPP, ISDN and Frame Relay Implementation | 13. WAN Pros And Cons | Final Words From The Group



WAN Requirements

The Washington School District Wide Area Network (WAN) will:

  • connect theschool and administrative offices with the district office for the purpose of delivering data.
  • be based on a two-layer hierarchical model.

Sited at the District Office/Data Centre, Router Centre and Shaw Butte Elementary School to form a fast
WAN core network will be three regional hubs. School locations will be connected to the WAN core
Hubs based on their distance from them. TCP/IP and Novel IPX are the only accepted networking protocols
allowed to traverse the district WAN. Any other protocols will be filtered out at the individual school sites
using access routers. High-end, powerful routers will also be installed at each WAN core location. Access
to the Internet or any other outside network connections will be provided through the District Office/Data
Centre through a Frame Relay WAN link. For security purposes, no other connections will be permitted.
Because the network is required to be functional for a minimum of 7-10 years, the WAN design will need to be
able to handle at least 2 fold growth in the WAN Core throughput, and 10 fold growth in District Internet
Connection throughput. Paths for future upgrades may include Modems to ISDN, T1 to T3, Frame Relay
to T3, ISDN to Frame Relay or Fractional T1.


Requirements Summary

Network should last 7 - 10 years
1000% growth for DIC
100% growth on WAN core throughput
Megabit connection to hosts
100 Megabit connection to servers
TCP/IP & IPX will be the only protocols

Fast WAN core
Connect all schools and administrative offices with district office
3 regional hubs, District Office, Router Center, & Shaw Butte Elementary School
District Office will have 11 schools
Router Center will have 11 schools
Shaw Butte Elementary will have 10 schools
Internet access only through District Office via an Frame Relay
Speeds will be 10BaseT, 100BaseT, & 100BaseFX
Horizontal cabling- Cat5UTP
Vertical cabling Cat5UTP or Multimode Fiber-Optic