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Cisco Threaded Case Study - Acacia
11. WAN IP Addressing


1. General Requirements | 2. LAN User Requirements | 3. Site LAN Wiring Plan and Physical topology | 4. Acacia Basic Floor Plan Broken Down | 5. IP addressing Scheme and addressing method | 6. Equipment Implemented and price and quantity table | 7. IGRP, ACL and IPX implementation | 8. LAN Pros And Cons | 9. WAN Requirements | 10. Physical Topology | 11. WAN IP Addressing | 12. PPP, ISDN and Frame Relay Implementation | 13. WAN Pros And Cons | Final Words From The Group



WAN IP Addressing

The class B IP address of will be held for the core WAN topology.

Router Data Center to Router Service Center:
Data Center S0: to Service Center S0 -
Data Center S1: to Service Center S1 -
Data Center S2: to Service Center S2 -
Data Center S3: to Service Center S3 -

Router Data Center to Router Shaw Butte:
Data Center S4: to Shaw Butte S0 -
Data Center S5: to Shaw Butte S1 -
Data Center S6: to Shaw Butte S2 -
Data Center S7: to Shaw Butte S3 -

Router Shaw Butte to Router Service Center:
Shaw Butte S4: to Service Center S4 -
Shaw Butte S5: to Service Center S5 -
Shaw Butte S6: to Service Center S6 -
Shaw Butte S7: to Service Center S7 -